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Channel Professionals: Can You Break the 80/20 Rule?

I posted this question recently on the Partner Manager Alliance Program (PMAP) group on LinkedIn:

As I think back over my career and all the channels I've been involved with, the one constant is the 80/20 rule - 20% of the partners contributed 80% of the revenue. (Actually, there might have been one situation where it was 90/10) In these organizations, a lot of time was spent discussing how to get the 80% contributing more. 

Is it possible? I know everyone on this list can share probably share channel enablement strategies designed to achieve the goal - but have you ever seen it happen?

Unfortunately, that group seems to have a lot of lurkers and not much discussion - yet.

Still, I'd love to hear what those of you who are channel managers or channel strategists think about the 80/20 rule. Can it be broken?

Feel free to share your thoughts here, or visit the group on LinkedIn.

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