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LinkedIn Tip

I see so many people who either love LinkedIn or don’t get it. The latter are usually looking for a quick fix to their networking challenges. Sorry, but e-networking takes just as much energy, and maybe more finesse, than face-to-face networking if you want to do it effectively.

The cool thing about e-networking IMO is that no one cares what you are wearing and whether you took the time to put makeup on. There was a blurb printed in Psychology Today several years ago that women who wear lipstick are deemed smarter. I happen to like wearing it, but I don’t want to lose IQ points as it wears off toward the end of the day! Electronic networking makes it all irrelevant.

But I digress. On to today’s LinkedIn tip.

In the lower right hand corner there’s a small sentence that shows how many people viewed your profile. If you click on this, LinkedIn shows you their organization and their role in the organization. There is a LinkedIn setting that I think allows people to see your name if you view their profile, but no one who has viewed my profile has that selected.

I believe the free version of LinkedIn limits you to the last ten people which is usually enough to satisfy curiosity. However, those who are marketing their services or job hunting may consider upgrading that so they can see more. It will tell you a lot about who’s checking you out, so to speak.
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