Google+ The Marketing Survivalist: Management Lessons From The Dairy Farmers

Management Lessons From The Dairy Farmers

I was talking with my husband the other night about people management and he made the observation that it was a lot like dairy farming. He’s a scientist, not a dairy farmer, but apparently he has some insight.

To get dairy cows to produce you have to treat them right. You feed them well. You make sure their barn is clean. I’ve heard some even play them soothing music to make sure they are relaxed.

The same goes for your employees. I think most people do their best work in a relaxed environment where their basic needs have been met. Maybe it doesn’t apply to all roles, but it certainly applies to creative roles like marketing (and scientists).

And, what do you do if they still don’t produce? You turn them into hamburger. I mean the cows, of course. Still a similar, but more humane, approach applies to people too.

There’s no sense in keeping employees around who still can’t do the job even in the best environment. Either find a role within the organization they can succeed in, or cut them loose so they can find a fulfilling job that they are good at.
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