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Play Nice

As the economy continues its downward slide I thought I’d bring up the topic of “job insurance” again. Chances are some of you are in organizations that are at least considering a reduction in force if things get worse. Many are keeping it as a last resort, but it is there.

It can’t be said too many times that the best job insurance is to have measureable goals that tie to the company’s objectives (preferably bottomline) and then to make sure you meet or exceed those goals. Even in companies that cut marketing staff, they don’t usually cut everybody. Unless the company goes out of business, somebody who can show their value to the company has a shot at staying on the payroll.

But, an often overlooked piece of job insurance is to be someone that others like to work with. Be someone that others can count on. Be pleasant even when others around you are feeling the strain and letting it show. Think about how you can get the job done and support the rest of the company during the crisis.

I’m not suggesting you be Suzie Sunshine. People that are well-liked but have no substance are no more in demand now than they ever were. Plus, you have a job to get done and sometimes you have to be direct.

What I’m talking about are those of you who are a “nasty piece of work.” You’re likely to be at the top of the list even if you are performing. It might be a good time to start rebuilding some of those bridges you’ve been tearing down.
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