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Measuring Social Media

This one is for every marketer who is struggling with how to measure their social media projects. I suspect that includes most of us.

Chris Brogan’s Sept 1st blog 10 Communications Objectives of Social Media lists ten objectives for social media projects proposed by Douglas Walker on his blog. Chris has invited his readers to comment on whether this is THE list or if there are some objectives that have been overlooked.

As usual, Chris’s readers have some great comments on which items are most important to them, and which ones have been left out. I encourage you to read through these for some additional ideas on how to measure your social media projects.

However, I think the real value in the list is found on Douglas Walker’s original post, A Draft Social Media Metrics Model. To me, it’s not important whether this is the definitive list. These are all possible objectives. What is usually missing in social media plans is a way to measure whether you are reaching your objectives.

On Walker’s original post each of these objectives has several possible measurements associated with it. For example, one objective “Influence the Influencers” has the following metrics associated: Positive/relevant blogs or media, incoming links, trackbacks, technorati (or similar) rankings.

Measuring social media is crucial, especially if your social media program is under constant surveillance by skeptics within your organization. If you can’t measure your projects, it’s hard to justify them for long.
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