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The Economy - A "Marketing" Correction?

There’s been some talk that the current financial crisis and the economic impact is a market correction. I have my opinions, but since I’m not an economist, I think I’ll leave the speculation to others. (No pun intended)

However, I believe that the current situation can lead to a much needed “marketing" correction. Here are just a few of the positive things that I hope to see:

1. Marketers stop being satisfied with just filling their chair.

2. Managers of the marketing teams start holding their team members accountable.

3. Marketers focus on opportunities and not just leads.

4. Marketers reassess their marketing mix to cut out those tactics that are no longer producing.

5. Marketers stop being satisfied with things like “awareness” and “click throughs” that aren’t connected to opportunities.

6. Marketers focus on building a partnership with their #1 customer – the sales team.

I know many of you may be concerned for the future of your careers. No matter what happens in the months and years ahead, there are some companies that will go through rough times. Layoffs are bound to happen, even in the best of times.

Following the six guidelines above, and probably a few others that you can think of, can help you whether the storm.
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