Google+ The Marketing Survivalist: Facing an Uphill Climb?

Facing an Uphill Climb?

The more challenging the climb, the more rewarding the view.

I recently read this on a sign at Caribou Coffee. In a tough season it hit me at just the right time.

My marketing team is doing better than most. However, the pressure from sales is increasing. The old qualified lead to close ratio no longer applies as their prospects’ budgets get slashed and sales cycles get stretched. My budget has been cut and sales goals have been adjusted, but our qualified lead goals remain the same.

I pondered this sign a bit as a sipped my cinnamon latte. We’re facing the kind of challenges that we haven’t seen since 2001. But, nobody said marketing was easy. (At least nobody who’s ever been responsible for it.) If it were, they wouldn’t need any of us.

As I left Caribou I made a resolution. I will enjoy the challenges because if they weren’t there we wouldn’t have an opportunity to celebrate our victories.

All the best to you and your colleagues and families in 2009!

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