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It's Still Spam

Just because an email is personalized and looks like it’s 1 to 1 doesn’t mean it’s not spam.

I am being hounded by a marketing firm that specializes in product management and product marketing tools. I’ve been responsible for both of those in the past so it’s no surprise that I ended up on their mailing list. I really wouldn’t mind the occasional offer to download something of value such as a white paper in order to keep my skills up to date.

What I do mind is the emails I am getting asking me for an appointment. I have repeatedly told the rep that my responsibilities don’t cover product direction or messaging right now, yet he still keeps sending me similar emails over and over.

I am guessing that the emails are automated and hundreds or thousands of people just like me are getting the same “personalized” email. It’s also probable that the emails are being sent by a vendor, maybe an appointment setting vendor, and not the actual company. But, that doesn’t excuse the company for this shoddy practice.

I hate to completely opt out of all communications with this company. As I mentioned, I like to read the occasional white paper on product management issues. Clearly I have no value to them as an immediate prospect, but you never know when I will get back into product management so keeping me on their list is of value to both me and them.

In the end, I do get something of value out of this interaction. I get to use it as an example of how not to engage in email marketing. Here’s what I take away:

1. Marketers should get themselves on mailing lists. You get to see the best and the worst of email marketing practices and learn from them. It gives you a chance to see them from your prospects’ eyes.

2. Save your appointment setting emails for your A level prospects. If someone tells you that they are not in your target market, do not continue to ask them for an appointment.

3. Prospects like me should be kept on a B level list, but when you communicate with me, send me something of value. If I download something you can send me an email. I’m the type who actually replies even if it’s just to let you know that I was just curious.

What’s your take?

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