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Your help needed - Chasing the elusive prospect-focused B2B website

As I was trying to make a point with a client about making your website prospect-centered, I realized that I don’t have a truly good example of a B2B website that they can relate to. I use Hubspot’s site all the time to demonstrate as it’s practically a resource center for its target market. However, I’d like to find a website that most of my technology clients can relate to. How do you take a company like a business software provider or one that provides network security and create a website that puts the prospect first? Better yet, does anyone have an example of a company that has really done it well?

I asked this question on the B2B Marketing Forum on LinkedIn and got several examples that were very company-centric. That experience only serves to prove the point that as marketers, we are often too close to our products to be a good judge.

If you think you have a site that qualifies as best-in-class for its customer focus, let us know. I don’t really care about design, keyword optimization or any of that. I just want to find one that shouts, “I care about you more than I care about me.”

All the best!

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  1. I think I have an example of just a website that you are seeking. It's called Partnerpedia. I'm the online community manager for the site.

    In a nutshell, Partnerpedia is an independent online community that enables partner-to-partner networking. It provides technology companies with the tools, information, and platform needed to expand their market and sales through partnering.

    Partnerpedia is geared towards helping companies with partner recruitment and partner enablement, in order to increase business.

    You can find and recruit partners into your partner program from this growing community based on partner type, vertical, or geographical location. You can also provide your existing employees and partners with one place for communication, collaboration, and information.

    Partnerpedia features an Open Community, which is a free online service for all vendors and partners, as well as end-user companies and Private Networks, which enables companies to create a privately branded online community for its network of channel and solution partners.

    Using Partnerpedia, companies now have a cost-effective way to fully engage all of their partners by providing a forum for partner discovery and networking, and collaboration tools to effectively interact on joint customer solutions.

    Hopefully, this is just the example you were looking for to show your clients.

  2. Vanessa,

    Thanks for pointing out PartnerPedia. It's an intriguing site, and potentially useful to me, so an extra thanks for pointing it out. However, it's not really the kind of example I am looking for as it's an online forum, not a company site per se.

    Still looking for that B2B site. Keep the ideas coming.



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