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6 Reasons to Outsource Your Marketing

Many business executives seem to have a love/hate relationship with marketing. You know you need to do it, but maybe you aren’t sure what to do, how to do it, or how to manage your employees in the marketing function.

Can’t somebody just handle it, so you can get back to real work?

Maybe that’s not such a bad idea…

Here are 6 good reasons to outsource some (or maybe all) of your marketing.

Cut backs. Unfortunately, this is all too common. If you need to cut back on expenses, you may want to consider outsourcing some of your marketing in order to avoid the overhead costs of a full-time employee. However, before making the decision, do a thorough comparison between the costs of staff vs. the cost of marketing services.

Can’t find the right person for an open position? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen companies hire marketers in desperation, even before they really understood what they needed. If you can’t find the right fit for an open position, at least talk to a few outsource providers. Maybe you don’t have to hire right away.

Auditioning candidates.  Not sure whether you have the right candidate? Offer an audition. Just remember to be up-front and make it a win/win for both the candidate and you—even if you decide not to hire.

Don’t have the skills on staff. This is the main reason most of my clients outsource. More than 90 percent of what I do is messaging and writing.  It is a specialized skill and a job most people hate to do. (Luckily, I love it.)

Don’t have enough business to keep a full-time employee? Maybe you need to create materials for a new product launch.  You could try to spread the work among your current staff – and delay your launch while you wait for them to find the time. Or, you could hire a freelance marketer to create the materials and jump-start your campaign.

Your marketing needs a jump-start. Been doing the same thing the same way for a number of years – and getting the same ho-hum results? A marketing service providers may have what you need to take your marketing to the next level.

Have you outsourced some of your marketing? How did it work out for you?

Have a question about outsourcing? Reach out to me
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  1. yes it is true. Now-a-days outsource business is in boom. everyone is taking benefits by outsourcing their time consuming & less important tasks. This will save your time money and energy


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