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What's New?

When I give blogging advice to clients, I always recommend that they not start with an apology for not posting more regularly. Why?

Because no one’s following your blog that closely.

OK, I suppose if you’re Seth Godin or an equivalent thought leader in your industry, people might notice when you take a hiatus. For the rest of us, not so much.

Imagine how flattered I was when a reader (not even a family member) sent me an email asking me why I hadn’t posted in a while—like in well more than a year. (OK, more than two years.)

His question still doesn’t make me a Seth Godin, but in the miniscule almost microscopic chance that anyone else has noticed, here’s my excuse—I’ve been busy.

As an old manager of mine would have said, I have a “happiness problem.”

You see, I started my freelancing content creation business roughly three years ago. Luckily, most people ether:

A/ can’t write
B/ hate to write
C/ don’t have time to write
D/ some combination of all of the above

Since nearly 90% of my time is spent creating content for clients, I haven’t had to worry much about my own content. This is unfortunate since I love blogging, and I miss it. (OK, it’s not that unfortunate since my clients pay me and blogging doesn’t.)

Rest assured, I am still out here. You can still reach me at or by posting comments on my blog. I'll try harder to stay in touch too!

All the best!

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