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The Marketing Survivalist on Facebook

My social sites are the perfect example of the cobbler’s kids – always the last to get shoes. I imagine a lot of freelancers are like that. If we’re worth our salt, we’re so busy creating for others that we have little time (or need) to work on our own presence.

I finally decided I really should have a Facebook business page. If nothing else, it allows me to keep my personal page personal. Although I’m not overly reserved – nor a candidate for Writer’s Gone Wild - I’m often hesitant to connect with clients on the same site I use to connect with old friends. My clients are global. Do they really want to know about my kid’s latest track meet or my latest neighborhood project?

Plus a Facebook business page allows me to reach out to potential clients in new ways. Always a plus.

Anyway, stop on by, and let me know what you think – TheMarketing Survivalist on Facebook.
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