Google+ The Marketing Survivalist: The Race is On! - Google+ vs Facebook Business Pages

The Race is On! - Google+ vs Facebook Business Pages

Now that Google+ has opened pages up to businesses and brands, I’ve set up my business page for The Marketing Survivalist. Since I just got around to setting up my business page on Facebook last week, this should be an interesting test to see which page gains more traction.  

My Facebook page has a head start because I have more contacts on Facebook, and I already have a few posts. However, I’m still betting on Google+. Given the importance of Google’s search engine, Google+ is already mainstream in a lot of circles. (no pun intended) If you’re a marketer, especially a freelancer like me, you’d be nuts not to be on Google+. If nothing else, you need to be keeping an eye on it.

I’m really just beginning to explore Google+ but one of the things I really like is the groups. It seems similar to LinkedIn, another favorite site of mine, because it provides a platform for discussions with people with similar interests. I don’t think facebook has anything similar or at least not as sophisticated.

The one drawback to Google+ I’ve found so far is that you don’t have the ability to customize your url – yet. According to everything I’ve heard, they’re working on it though.

I invite you to visit my page, plus if you have your own business page on either Facebook or Google+, let us know about it. And be sure to let us know which horse you’re betting on!

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