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Great Skill Building Site for Marketers

While we are on the subject of building your skills (see yesterday’s post) I wanted to give a shout out to my favorite skill building site for marketers – MarketingProfs. I am not affiliated with MarketingProfs in any way. I just believe that great people deserve recognition.

I initially joined MarketingProfs because I wanted access to their podcasts and online seminars on all things marketing. What makes MarketingProfs different from many other marketing sites is that their materials are informative and not commercial. Most of the presenters are marketing consultants. I’m sure they’d be happy to get a new engagement, but not once have I received a sales call after attending a session.

The seminars usually cost around $99 to attend, but if you sign up for a premium membership you can access all seminars and other online materials for free. I bought a corporate membership that covered five individuals on my team for less than $600. That’s far less than it costs me to send one person to a marketing conference.

There is a basic membership level that is free but it doesn’t give you access to many of the materials such as the online seminars. I also see a lot of students on the site so there may be a student membership available as well.

In addition to the online seminars and podcasts, there are other great tools on MarketingProfs including:
• Blogs
• Job Postings
• Forums
• Benchmarking Reports

My apologies to the blog purists who don’t believe in recommending products. I normally avoid it as well, but I believe so strongly in skills development that I am compelled to mention this site.

I have been searching for a similar site that focuses on more general business management and leadership topics. If anyone knows of one, I’d love to hear about it.
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