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The Hard Questions

Geoffrey James has another great article on BNET – Can You Handle the Truth? I love Geoffrey’s writing because he is so unvarnished. I’d rather have him berate me and my profession than one of the people I work with. When it’s not a personal attack, you can take a step back and really think through the merits of his points. There are many.

This particular article is about salespeople who ask the hard questions – of the clients and of themselves. While he is a writer that focuses mostly on the sales profession, he has written on many occasions about marketing, and not usually in a good way. His recent article called Should He Lie About Sales Experience? takes to task the highly-paid marketing executive who can’t articulate why a customer would buy his product over a competitor.

Having read both of these articles back to back this morning, let me offer up a few hard questions that marketers should be asking themselves. See how many you can answer – honestly!

• Why is your product better for your customers than your competitors? Would your customers agree with your answer?
• How has your work in the last year helped drive sales? Would the sales team agree? Have you asked them?
• Are you accountable for metrics that really mean anything to the business? Or, are you just keeping busy?
• Do you treat marketing as a profession that requires continuous learning? Or, is it just a job that you do the same way year after year?
• When is the last time you had a conversation with a customer? I am not talking about a presentation, but a real two way exchange of ideas.

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