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Keyword Selection Forcing a Marketing Best Practice?

Has it occurred to anyone else that SEO projects that including selecting keywords are forcing a basic marketing “best practice”?

For years, poor marketers have written content that resonated internally in the company and not with prospects. No amount of “feature/benefits” lists could get these internally focused marketing teams to speak in the language of their customer. Even when they did try to write content in the words of the customer, the engineers or the executives would come along and change the wording.

Now, keyword analysis can give the marketer concrete evidence to use when creating content that will resonate. If your CEO or product engineer suggests changing the words that you use, keywords analysis can be used to show them that these are the words that prospects use to describe products or services like yours.

This is basic market research that companies formerly spent thousands of dollars, or more, to conduct. The web has made it so easy that we take it for granted now.

In addition, this keyword analysis can be useful for creating far more than just websites that get picked up by the search engines. These keywords should be shared with anyone who will be creating customer or prospect facing content. That includes brochures, press releases, presentations, sales communications, upgrade announcements and anything else that your company creates that a prospect or customer will see.

These keywords should become part of your formal (or informal) corporate style guide. They should be reanalyzed periodically as markets change. Words and phrases come and go, but the core is likely to remain consistent.

Even if you don’t have a formal SEO initiative, I recommend educating yourself on keyword analysis and incorporating it as part of the foundation for everything you do in marketing.

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