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MarketingProfs Has a LinkedIn Group

Yeah! MarketingProfs has added a LinkedIn Group!

For those of you who are also avid fans of the site, it’s easy to join the group. LinkedIn doesn’t yet have a functional group directory, so the easiest way to join is to go to the profile of someone else who is already a member of the group. Ann Handley is the group’s organizer so you can click on her profile or you can go to mine.

Scroll down the profile page till you find the list of groups that she or I belong to and click on the MarketingProfs icon. You will see the icon added to your list of groups. Note that next to the icon it says that your membership is pending approval and that you should send a note to the organizer of the group. I sent this note but while I was writing it I received a notice that I was approved so I’m not sure that notification was completely necessary.

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