Google+ The Marketing Survivalist: Better Branding on LinkedIn

Better Branding on LinkedIn

Following LinkedIn’s evolution over the last several years has been fascinating. They continue to improve the product and make it more relevant to individuals who are looking to brand themselves as well as their company. I have to imagine that LinkedIn has some great product managers who really listen to their market.

As in all things in life, sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference. Here’s a new feature I stumbled upon recently.

Most of you who use LinkedIn are probably familiar with adding your sites to your profile. These sites could be your company site, your blog, or any other site that you feel adds to your profile and your online brand. But, did you know that you can change these tag lines from “My Blog” or “My Company” to the wording of your choice? (within the allotted number of characters, of course.)

Here’s a snapshot of what my website section of my profile looks like now:

The first is my blog. The second site is My Google Group. In this case, I used the title “My Google Group” because the title of the group wouldn’t fit and I wanted to make it clear what the site was anyway. The last site is my group on LinkedIn.

It’s a small touch, but I think this looks better than “My Blog,” “My Company” and “My Website.”

All the best!

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