Google+ The Marketing Survivalist: Burning Blogging Question - Answered!

Burning Blogging Question - Answered!

My blog is a large part of my social media strategy. (It’s a large part of my life too – but that’s another story.) I understand the quid pro quo of blogging. If you want to seriously engage through blogging, you can’t just write your own blog. You need to comment on others as well.

But I don’t always get to read my favorite blogs right away. In fact, the ones I get to most often are those that allow me to subscribe via email. I’m a bit old-school in that my inbox acts a bit like my to-do list – at least until I realize I’ve spent too much time answering emails and decide to get some real work done.

Unfortunately for me, but fortunately for the bloggers, many of my favorite blogs get tons of really great comments. For example, Doyle Slaton’s Compelling Argument Against Cold Calling post on has 84 comments as of this moment. By the way, this is a really interesting debate that I suspect might have evolved into a food fight if it was held over a lunch.

As I said, it’s unfortunate for me because by the time I get around to reading the post, let alone composing something relevant and pithy to say, I’m usually way down the list with at least thirty or more comments ahead of me. I should be so lucky in this case. By my count, my comment is number 54 in the list. This begs the question, “Is it still worth commenting?”

One of my other favorite blogs, copyblogger, answered my question in a post written by Brian Clark. Is Commenting on Blogs a Smart Traffic Strategy? It’s an excellent post with several great points.

My key take-away is that it’s OK to be late in the game when it comes to commenting because it’s really more about what you say than when you say it. In the case of Brian’s post, I am #165 in the list of comments, but now I don’t feel so guilty about it.

All the best!

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