Google+ The Marketing Survivalist: Conversion University Now Open

Conversion University Now Open

I have recently become a stronger advocate of hiring people for marketing positions who don’t necessarily have a degree in marketing. (I do in case you are wondering.) I am more impressed with the individuals who go out and grab the education that is readily available on the web than I am with those who can recite the 4Ps, but little else.

Google has been great about giving away a free education. They recently opened up Conversion University to cover the ins and outs of Google Analytics. Analytics itself is a free, but powerful, site monitoring tool offered by Google.

It’s interesting that Google does charge $50 for their certification exam - the Google Analytics Individual Qualification Test, or IQ test for short. But all things considering, $50 is a long way from what most of us paid to learn the 4Ps.

All the best!

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