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Lead Nurturing Advice You May Not Want to Hear

As a marketing consultant I’m often asked to give input on my friend’s marketing programs. I’m happy to give a quick look for free, but it’s a little harder to actually give the free advice. It’s one thing to be paid to be critical. It’s another to be critical when the person on the other end is someone who isn’t paying you to damage their ego.

The other day, a friend asked me to look at the lead nurturing programs he had created. He sent me a series of monthly newsletters that were very visually appealing. The problem was that most of these newsletters only contained articles about the latest product releases and company announcements.

Let me state what I’ve said before – brochures don’t count as content in a lead nurturing program. (Nor do brochures disguised as a newsletter.)

I realize this is a pretty big mental block for some marketers. As an old manager of mine used to say, “You must be pretty proud of that [stuff]” This applies even more when we’re proud, not only of the products, but of the marketing pieces we create to showcase the benefits of our products. How could our prospects not get the same joy out of reading our brochure as we do?

However, when it comes right down to it, our brochures look pretty much like everyone else’s. I know you don’t believe it, but it’s true. Your layout might be a bit more pleasing; your benefits statements a bit clearer, but to your customer there just isn’t that much difference.

Do you still think that you can get away with product brochures as content? ClickInsights gathered up 6 B2B Marketing experts and asked them what the biggest mistake in B2B content marketing is.

While I think the biggest mistake is “trying to get away with using brochures as content,” each of their answers was a little different. However, every one of them assumed content that was more customer-centric and less [your company]-centric than a brochure. They may not have chosen my #1, but I’m pretty certain every one of them would agree that brochures don’t make good content.

All the best!

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