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The Quid Pro Quo of Blogging

Getting lots of comments on your blog posts is not the holy grail of corporate blogging. Other goals, such as:

• improving your search engine ranking
• building content for a nurture program
• improving media outreach

may be even more important to your organization.

However, lots of comments feels good. It validates that your readers are actually reading your posts.

If you are looking for comments, you can’t afford to ignore the quid pro quo of blogging:

If you want to build your comments you need to be reading other blogs and adding comments to their sites.

This is one of those “Do as I say and not as I do” moments. I don’t spend nearly as much time as I should commenting on posts on the great blogs that I read. (Sorry guys. I will try to do better.)

Many bloggers who are new to corporate blogging may find this a bit difficult at first as many of the blogs with similar themes may be produced by competitors. That just means you need to dig a bit more. Blogs created by independent consultants, associations, trade press, and business partners are all good sources.

An added benefit to looking for these blogs is that they often inspire posts of your own. And, if you’re short on ideas (or time) in a given week, find a post whose ideas you really like and where you have some valid input to add. Create a short post with your comments and link to the blog.

Most bloggers love it when others link to their posts. (Actually, I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t but I suppose the possibility exists.) These links increase the chances that their blogs will be read and be found by the search engines.

All the best!

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