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Save time (and make more sales) by blogging

Every now and then, one of my colleagues will comment on the frequency of my posts. I try to blog at least several times a week. When I’m on a roll, I’ll blog daily.

The strange thing about blogging is that although it takes time, it makes my networking efforts more efficient. The secret is where I get my post ideas from.

Since my blog focuses on practical marketing and career advice for marketing professionals, most of my ideas come from reading the questions on the forums on LinkedIn and MarketingProfs. I take some of the more common questions and turn these into blog posts. Next time the question gets asked, I usually write a small paragraph that is based on the question, but then I include a link that answers the question in more detail.

This paradox of saving time by blogging doesn’t apply just to marketing consultants like me.

Let’s say you sell ERP software and you spend a lot of time answering questions like:

“Can you explain Microsoft’s Dynamics product strategy to me?”
“What the heck is .Net anyway?”
“Is BusinessByDesign from SAP going to be around in a couple of years?”
“I’ve never heard of your software, why should I buy yours instead of one of something from a company I recognize?”
“Why would I want an SaaS application?”

Those of you not in the ERP Software world, just substitute the most commonly asked questions from your prospects.

Now take each of these questions and write a blog post answering them. You’ve probably answered them hundreds of times during presentations and in email correspondence. Writing a post shouldn’t take that long. And, once you have the post, next time you are asked the question just send the link to the post (with a personal message) instead of retyping the answer from scratch.

Marketers, consider letting your sales people write some of your blog posts if they are interested. It wouldn’t hurt to loosen the reigns a bit and get them involved. You’ll help them establish their personal credibility and save you time. You can still edit the content prior to posting.

If they aren’t interested in writing (or never get around to it) participate in their sales calls and see what kinds of questions they get over and over. If that’s not feasible, just ask them. Answer these questions in your blog and then let your reps know.

To close the loop, watch how and if they use the blog to help them in the sales process. Your blog will still be useful as a marketing tool even if they don’t use it. However, your reps may have some great ideas for how you can improve the blog and help them close business in the process.

All the best!

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