Google+ The Marketing Survivalist: Are You an Insecure Marketer – Part 2

Are You an Insecure Marketer – Part 2

My recent post Are You An Insecure Marketer? continues to be one of the most read of all my posts. I got a couple of comments on the post and a few more when I posed the question on LinkedIn. There were some great discussions and I encourage you to check out the responses on LinkedIn.

Search LinkedIn Answers for the words "Are you an insecure marketer" and you should be able to easily find it. For some strange reason, I don't seem to be able to get a direct url that works.

Some of the most thoughtful responses were from Marketing Managers who had reported at one time or another to both great managers and horrible ones. Who hasn’t been on both sides of that coin?

There is no doubt that horrible managers can undermine your sense of self-worth in a myriad of ways. However, even after years of poor management, these marketing professionals found their self-confidence was quickly healed by having an opportunity to work for some really great managers.

But, how often do these true gems of marketing management come along? And, do you really want to leave yourself at the mercy of whomever you are reporting to?

Years ago I spent a lot of time listening to Zig Ziglar while I drove around Chicago for my first real sales job. He had a saying that stuck with me. (At least I think it was Zig. This was a couple of decades ago!)

“If it’s to be, it’s up to me.”

If your self-confidence is being undermined by a poor manager, you need to find ways to build it up instead of waiting for a new manager to come along. I’m not suggesting that you switch jobs. Although, I do suggest that gearing up to switch can be a real morale booster.

For some more thoughts read Now is a Great Time to be Looking for a New Job.

A great book about taking personal responsibility is QBQ (The Question Behind the Question). You can easily finish this book on your next flight, but I think you’ll want to keep it around for a quick "pick me up."

Another great morale booster is to work on your online brand. Build your LinkedIn profile. Answer questions on LinkedIn and start building your “expert in…” status. Ask for references. Engage in discussions on marketing blogs. Build your own blog if you have the time and inclination.

After you’ve been active in the online marketing community for awhile, Google your name to check your online relevance. Then Google your manager’s name. In my experience, horrible managers are almost never digitally relevant. I have no idea why. Maybe it’s because they are so inwardly focused. The next time your horrible manager is tearing down your self-esteem you can remind yourself how irrelevant they are - at least digitally.

The point is, don’t let your self-confidence be dependent on someone else. Find your own ways to build it regardless of who you work for.

All the best!

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