Google+ The Marketing Survivalist: Is Twitter Dead?

Is Twitter Dead?

This article my Mike Elgan on Datamation described my experience with Twitter to a “T”. Who Killed Twitter? I was one of the many who signed on to Twitter, used it for a bit, became disillusioned and completely quit using it.

As some of you may have noticed, I’ve reconnected my blog to Twitter, so I guess I’m back on. However, I would still say that I am among the skeptics.

That said, I have started following a couple of companies on Twitter. For example, I am now following LawsonPartners to find out how my friend and former colleague Marie McCarthy is using Twitter to stay in touch with Lawson’s channel partners.

Skeptic and all, I’m eager to see where the business community is going to take Twitter now that the initial shine has worn off.

If any of you know of other examples, let me know.

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