Google+ The Marketing Survivalist: Building an Opt-in List

Building an Opt-in List

We’re lucky enough in the US not to have to have our prospects opt-in before we can send them an email. Or, are we really all that lucky? Not having laws as stringent as those in other parts of the world has allowed many marketers to get a little careless.

Hopefully, you know that having permission to market to someone (an opt-in) is a lot more effective than not having permission. But, how do you build a decent opt-in list?

I was creating my own list of ways to expand your opt-in database when one of Kathleen Gage’s emails popped up in my inbox. (I’ve always liked the old saying, “When the student is ready the teacher will come.” )

I thought I’d share her quick video with you. It has some great ideas.

Build an opt-in list with survey information

All the best!

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