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Cold Calling - A Desperate Cry for Help

It seems that no one in sales is ever ambivalent about cold calling. They either love it or hate it. They either swear by it or think it’s a total waste of time. I’ll admit to being in the latter camp.

Not too long ago, Doyle Slayton ran a post on called Compelling Argument Against Cold Calling. As of right now, he’s up to 57 comments and they keep coming in. Amazingly, many of them seem to be in favor of cold calling. Perhaps that shouldn't be a surprise as so many sales people were brought up on the power of cold calling. It’s hard to give up what you've been taught works – even with no evidence to support that it works for you.

In his post he reprints with permission an article by Jeremy Miller that describes cold calling as an “act of frivolity.” From a marketing standpoint, I consider it a desperate cry for help from your sales team.

Chances are, if your sales team is cold calling, they aren’t getting what they need from marketing. Most of them probably hate cold calling and, who do you think they’re blaming for making them do it? (hint: In sales, it’s always safer to blame marketing than it is to blame your boss.)

So, if your sales people are telling you that they're cold calling, that’s one more sign that you need better alignment with sales. I've added a category called the Sales and Marketing Connection to this blog. Click on that category for ideas on how you can bridge the gap between these two roles.

All the best!

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