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What's in a Name?

Instead of a Friday Dilemma this week, I’m going to throw out a question for discussion. It’s one that I know a lot of you care about.

In marketing, does your title matter?

For example, in some organizations, you can’t be a manager unless you manage people. These companies will use titles like “marketing specialist” for individuals that have been running marketing for years, but don’t manage people. Other organizations feel that manager signifies your autonomy in a role and your ability to make crucial decisions. “Promotion” to the role of manager should not be reliant on actually managing people.

Some organizations try to have parity between their marketing roles and their sales roles. They reason that if marketing is to function effectively when they work with sales they need to be seen as equals and not underlings. Other organizations have no problem with marketing being seen as underlings and may even have marketing report into the sales managers.

Within one organization I know well, the role of Product Manager was very high profile. They had a lot of clout in the organization but were also held to very high standards. Unfortunately, Product Marketing came to be seen as a lesser role. That is, until someone in a position of power figured it out and turned almost everyone into a Product Manager – even those with no direct link to a specific product.

I worked with another organization where almost everyone I met was a VP – some of them even fit the title.

So what’s your take? Does title matter?

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