Google+ The Marketing Survivalist: No One Cares About Customer Loyalty Anymore

No One Cares About Customer Loyalty Anymore

OK, I get it. No one cares about customer loyalty.

I got so few readers to my recent posts The Trials of the Customer Loyalty Specialist and Customer Loyalty By The Numbers that they don’t even show up in my Google Analytics reports.

And, only one reader so far has answered the poll question “Do You Have a Customer Loyalty Specialist or Manager in Your Organization?” Their answer was No.

While I wouldn’t call a poll of my readership scientific, the lack of interest in that topic is somewhat surprising – especially given the cost of acquiring new customers vs selling additional products to the ones you have.

Maybe this isn’t so surprising. Stories abound about B2B companies using entry level support specialists who barely understand their product let along how business really works. Don’t you love it when you can hear the pages of a manual rustling in the background while you’re explaining your problem?

Other companies are employing off-shore support specialists that have trouble with the language. I don’t necessarily have a problem with using off-shore support, but lowest cost isn’t always the only criteria for choosing a business partner that will have a significant impact on your company's reputation.

Then there are the websites that were clearly built by people who never spoke to a real customer. The writers are drinking too much of their own kool-aid and the navigation stinks.

Is it me, or is there an overwhelming lack of concern for the customer experience?

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