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A Nice Touch

A lot is written about how to network with your network. One way is to get off on the right foot.

A couple of the large ERP vendors that I have worked with recently went through lay offs in their sales and marketing departments and I am getting a lot of requests to connect. Don’t get me wrong, I love the requests to connect and I always want to know who is looking. You never know when I’ll run across something that might be right for someone in my network.

That said, a lot of people I’ve known for years, but haven’t spoken to in awhile, are sending me the standard, “Since you’re a person I trust…” message from LinkedIn. I suspect that this is due in part to the way LinkedIn allows you to search former colleagues and then send an invitation to connect en masse.

However, I’d always encourage people who want to really network to search the list of former colleagues on LinkedIn, write their names down, and then send them an individual message that shows your personality. You can even send the same “individual” message to all of the people you want to connect with. They’ll never know, but it will feel more like a real connection.

All the best! (Especially to those of you who are searching for new positions.)

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